Do you want to attain "UNSHAKABLE HAPPINES" by increasing your Emotional Strength and Mind Power that also help you to generate Success, Peace and Fulfillment in your life?
If you'd like to build a life in which your true self-esteem and emotional stability is leading you to your most powerful version and making you cherish your relations, your career & your success multiple folds, then this is the place where you want to be...
Dear Friend,

Let's skip the long intro and cut straight to the chase.

You've seen how being emotionally strong and resilient allows you to build self-confidence, happier relations, an extraordinary career and abundance in your life.

You are born to rise high, expand and unleash your full potential and emotional strength is the most important ingredient you need to develop in order to achieve all mentioned above.

You can inculcate Self Awareness by accessing your mind through the power of breath can help you gain emotional strength and stability.

This is so because your mind is the center point where all the thoughts and emotions emerge and play, causing arousal of feelings and leading to personality development and a behavior pattern. 

Emotions are the only thing which leads you towards making or breaking your life as they pretty much decide your actions.

Using your breath as an access point and learning the specific techniques of breathing, which affect a certain part of the brain and arouse your nervous system.

This directly impacts the cognitive powers and capability of the mind to relax.

From the ancient sages to the modern millennials, anyone and everyone who has practiced 'pranayama techniques' has transformed their life by impacting their mind functions, body chemistry and spiritual connection with the existence.

The above testimonial is of Rahul, one of my clients who is currently using this program and have been benefitted tremendously.

He had emotional outbursts and started to build tremendous anger and agitation which was making him weak and anxious about his own behaviour.

As we started to work together and implemented the process of emotional strength mastery, he was able to feel strengthened and brought serenity and stillness to his mind after which he realized his the problem lied with the past emotional blockages.

Once he figured what was creating the pain and restlessness, he was ready to resolve them slowly by continually practicing the pranayama breathwork along with powerful healing meditations and some changes in the lifestyle.

You see, without having the true inner power, and self-awareness, it's quite hard to look at your emotions in the eye and resolve them. 

Keeping a burden of past emotions leads to building several self-sabotaging emotions in the present as well. 

It affects everything in life from your relationships, your professional life and your connection with yourself.

The work we will do in the 6 weeks of “Emotional Strength Mastery” allows you to resolve past emotional blockages, build your self-awareness, make you realize your deeper essence beyond the body and mind and instill deeper stability and happiness.

Jay, in the video, is one of my clients whom I have been working with for the past few weeks exactly on the same process which I am going to teach you in this program.

As you heard him talk about the massive benefits he is receiving along with tools to control his thoughts, emotions, and reactions (which usually leads us in conflicts and problems). 

He has definitely attained his mental and emotional freedom and I am extremely happy for his success.
My Process Of Emotional Strength Mastery Is 
Transforming People's Lives
All Around The World
These are just two out of hundreds of case studies.

I literally get around 5-10 people per day sending me messages about how they feel totally transformed after using Pranayama along with many powerful empowerment strategies (which are also a part of this course)

Don't believe me?
As I said, I get a couple of these a day.

Now does that mean you will get the same results?

That depends.
Does that mean you’ll become Emotionally Strong and Manifest your True Desires Overnight? 
Well, it is a possibility that the journey of your transformation begins as soon as you start to implement the first practice that I will teach you.

or it might take a little longer to see the changes in your feelings and actions. 

The truth is, that if you are dedicated and committed to making your life a beautiful place of experiences and want to achieve the truth of your being, you will automatically be aligned towards building these practices a part of your life and reap the benefits. 

It’s like trying to grow a beautiful tree from a scratch :) 

You take all the steps from preparing the soil, watering it, softening it and then you sow the seeds. 

You simply trust the process and leave it to grow. If you keep on watering it and taking care of the little seedlings, you do know that one day it will turn out to be a big tree. 

Same is the case with human transformations. When know what we truly want to gain, and we nurture it and put in the efforts, results are inevitable.

Here's What I Can Guarantee
This is my best program so far.

I'm giving you the best information — and all information — to start your journey of Self Realization, Self Awareness, and Self Strengthening and Self Empowerment.

I won't hold back anything in the class.

Every single secret, every important insight, every single practice that has worked for me or for one of my students is revealed and explained in detail so you can easily model it.

I honestly believe this is the best information you will find anywhere about building emotional strength mastery.

It is a holistic process starting from understanding the intricacies of mind and emotions to Understanding your true essence to using the yogic powerful breathing work to actually building a state of mind where you start to make transformations by using empowerment tools such as powerful meditations, affirmations, and visualizations.

It's not some abstract theory but rather a practical method that shows you step-by-step how to know your own mind, get unstuck from your mental stories, understand your emotions clearly.

This will allow you to resolve the conflicts and build a mind where stability and strength is your second nature. 

Also, you must also know that these practical tools of pranayama breathwork affects your body in such a way that your whole body functions like cardiovascular, respiratory, digestive and nervous system start to work smoothly and efficiently. 

After being comfortable with breath and mental control, meditation is a natural state you will get in automatically.

I would also teach you to the practices of Body and Mind Awareness and in the fourth phase you will get to learn the empowerment tools such as law of attention, power of affirmations and visulaizations.

You see dramatic changes in your physical and mental health. 

I believe if you are truly looking to become the master of your emotions and your life, then this is going to help you develop self-mastery and lead you towards your powerful self.

I've decided to draw the curtains and reveal EVERYTHING. It's not only going to make you emotionally strong, but it will also turn you into a powerhouse of confidence, energy, vitality, and unshakable happiness.

Exactly What You're Getting
Every day I get people asking me if I can mentor them and help them build their emotionally bullet-proof life.

And in the last couple of months I had to turn down every single one.

I simply don't have time to help every person individually since I have many existing individuals and corporate clients I need to focus on.

But I’ve been receiving so many questions about Mastering Mind and Emotions in the last few months, my inbox is literally crammed right now.

So I’ve decided to help many of your amazing folks who are so desperately looking to transform your life and create a powerful version of yourself. 

I am sharing such valuable information and tools which took me years to find and implement to transform my own life and later many of my clients' lives. 

I promise following this program will give you a clear roadmap of successfully developing inner strength, self-knowledge, emotional stability, and self-dependence.

Now you might be wondering exactly what you're getting:
Phase #1
Three Modules - MIND, BODY & SPIRIT:
Video Training On All the Modules
  • About the power of the mind that creates the EMOTIONAL PATTERN AND TENDENCIES
  • Conscious, Sub-Subconscious and Unconscious Mind

  • The Secrets of MIND-BODY-SPIRIT Connection.
  • Knowledge of Self beyond Body and Mind identifications (The most important insights)
  • How to harness the 'Power Of Mind"
  • Why is it important to Become Emotionally Strong and Resilient?
  • How To Use Your Mind To Understand And Analyze Your Emotional Behavior
  • Emotional Assessment Practices to help you gain awareness.

...Once We've Covered The Mind, Body And Spirit Know How,
It's Time To Start Experiencing The Inner Power
Phase #2
Eight Modules - PRANAYAMA:
Video Instructions Of All Techniques 
  • Pranayama Breathing Introduction

  • The Science-Based Facts Which Confirm The Physiological, Mental and Psychological Benefits.

  • Dos and Don'ts When It Comes To The Implementation Of This Practice.

  • Learn The Deeper Effects This Practice On The Mind and Body Configuration and Connection.

  • A Step-By-Step Walkthrough Of How To Start Breathing Consciously And Apply Kumbhakas, Bandhas, And Mudras In Pranayama.
  • You Will Start To Learn About Various Types Of Pranayama Practices From The Psychic To Vitalizing To The Tranquilizing Pranayamas.
  • How And When To Practice A Certain Pranayama For The Maximum Benefits With Complete Details On Videos.
  • The Most Important Things That You Need To Focus On While Implementing Pranayama Breath Work.
  • A Detailed Tutorial On What Not To Do During And Before the Practice. A Complete Roadmap On Advancing The Practice With Time.
  • The Most Important Explanation (Science-Based) That Showcase The Power Of Pranayama Breathwork On Your Brain And Other Organs And Their Systems.
  • The Connection Of This Practice With Your Emotional Strength Mastery -- REVEALED
...After This Phase, We Will Work On Building Self Awareness, So You Begin To Understand Your Deeper Alignments, Your Needs, Desires, Fears And Emotional Blockages...
Phase #3
Three Modules- SELF AWARENESS:
Video Tutorials On The Techniques
  • Learn The Tools Of Body, Mind And Emotion Awareness
  • The Most Efficient Way to Become Aware of the BODY SENSATIONS And Allow Yourself To Accept Them
  • Learn The Tools To Become Aware Of Your Thoughts To Understand Your Mental Conditioning Around Various Beliefs, Ideas, And Experiences. This Would Lead You To Become Alert When Any Negative Thought Arises
  • Learn How To See Through Your Emotions Rather Than Avoiding Them. Become More Aware Of Your Emotional Behavior And Alter That Based On The Natural And Desirable State Of Mind You Want To Be In.
...Once Your Start To Accept Your Self Fully And Are Aware Of Negative & Limited Thoughts And Beliefs, It's Time To Replace Them...
 Phase #4
Tutorials With Detailed Explanations
  • In Module One, You Will Learn The Various Meditation Techniques Which Are Going To Heal, Harmonize And Make You Get In Touch With Your Higher Consciousness.
  • In Module Two, You Will Learn To Develop Various Visualization Techniques To Clearly Perceive Your True Desires As Manifested. This Powerful Method Would Enhance Your Vision And Clarity Around The Goals And PURPOSE Of Your Life.
  • In Module Three, I Will Teach You The Concept Of SELF AFFIRMATIONS. I Will Show You How You Can Use Affirmations On The Daily Basis And Train Your Mind To Replace Negative Emotions With Positive Ones And Become Resilient To External Stimulus
  • In Module Four,  I Will Help You Create Your Own Meditations Based On Your Current Life Situation. You Will Learn How To Use Your Mind, Self Affirmations and Visualization Tools to Design Your Personalized Meditation Which Will Have Profound Effect On Your Mind.
  • In Module 5, I Will Help You Create Your Writing Practice Which Would Be An Amazing Tool For Your Self Awareness And Also For Keeping The Track Of Your Growth. — "WRITE TO HEAL”
  • Learn How To Apply All The Empowerment Techniques Effectively On The Daily Basis
  • Find Best Tools To Keep Tracking Your Own Growth On Your Self Empowerment Journey
...This Gets Even Better...
Weekly LIVE For 60 Minutes
Get Weekly LIVE Training With Me And Get Your Questions Answered
  • You Will Be Provided The Access Of The Weekly LIVE Portal Link 3 Days Before The LIVE is scheduled.
  • Get LIVE Training On Some Important Aspects Of Emotional Strength Mastery
  • There Will Be 45 Mins of Q/A Round In Which You Can Submit Your Questions
  • This Additional Weekly Support Can Be A Big Support In Your Growth And Help You Being Accountable And Disciplined.
  • You Will Receive The Video REcording Of The Weekly LIVE As Well. It Will Get Uploaded On Your Course Portal Within Next 72 Hours Of It's Happening.
You’re right, that’s a lot of proven strategies to build emotional strength mastery along with Self Discovery + Mental Control

And it’s different from anything else you’ve seen before. 

Honestly, it's much more than simply a course which teaches about personal transformation on psychological plane.

It's real, deep work which is entrirely practical in nature and this science has the ability to totally transform your life from as aspects.

It’s a process which is very unique and involves all what is needed for you to know to grow from emotionally weak to emotional strong..

from having a wavering and unstable mind to a fully energised and directed mind....

which becomes your biggest asset in living this life productively and happily.

But it gets even better than that...

I’m also giving you 3 FREE BONUSES worth $1,243 as you join my "Emotional Strength Mastery Program" Today! 
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If you know anything about me, then you know that I always over-deliver. I actually care about the results that my students get and that's why I'll go the extra mile for you.

I’m giving you these 4 free bonuses worth $1,243 when you join Emotional Strength Mastery Class today. 

Here's what I've got for you:
Private Facebook Mastermind
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  • Receive Ongoing Support As You Start Practicing Pranayama As Part Of A Community
  • Create Accountability Deals With Fellow Students
  • You'll Will Gain Immense Support From Others, Share Your Challenges And See What Results They're Getting
  • You Get To Learn From Established Coaches And Teachers On This Mastermind Occasionally, Which Is Going To Give Additional Value On This Program.
.....As a second free bonus, you’ll get 5 Powerful Meditation MP3s To Download
Meditation Downloadable MP3
(Value: $249)
  • Get Access To 5 MP3s To Download And Listen To At Your Discretion
  • The 5 MP3 Downloadables Are on Mind Clarity, Emotional Stability, Self Awareness, Anxiety Relief, and Inner Peace
  • This Will Allow You To Relax Your Mind And Induce The Virtues And qualities Which You Want To Experience In Your Life
  • Regular Price Of The 5 Bundle Package Is $449 But You Get It For Free
Break Free From Mental Stress & Develop Unshakable Happiness
(Value: $397)
  • Get This 5 Step Process To Build Self Empowerment Starting From Self Awareness, Self Acceptance, Self Strengthening, Self Sustenance And Self Empowerment
  • Implementable Tools And Strategies To effectively Change Your Thinking Pattern, Lifestyle And Your Behavior
  • Get 10 Hours of Powerful Video Content
  • This Training Is Worth $597 But You Get It Free Today When You Sign Up For The Program

With these FREE bonuses worth $1,243 you will able to fast forward your mental and emotional growth and learn the important insights and practical tools to strengthen your mind for your inner and outer success.

The way I see it you've already won.

These free bonuses will help you bringing extra clarity and provide you with additional tools to generate immense strength and powerful mindset. 

I believe the free bonuses alone have the opportunity to transform your life and you’ll have everything that you need to succeed at attaining mental and emotional strength mastery without being hassled up finding the random pieces together to master your mind and create your fully empowered & magnificent life

Here's What To Do Next
If you'd like to build unshakable happiness, emotional strength and mental resilience, then you have to join "Emotional Strength Mastery Program" today.

You can join the class for $397 one-time. which comes out to $99 ONLY (a whooping 75% off)

But the way I see it, this class is not a "cost" but "an investment"

This is one of the most important investment you can make because this is directly related to your self, your mind, and your life.

To Give You A Real Example Of Myself, When I was emotionally weaker, I didn't have the courage to leave my job because I had so many fears and insecurities. Questions such as "what if I fail?" "what if I lose all I have" used to haunt me and never let me take a leap of faith.

Only after I was Self Realized and had the emotional strength to be fully flowing with the life, I could make these choices and Since then, life has never been the same and I can't ask for anything better.

So the reality is that going within and finding your mental anchor is the only way to get disassociate with the pain, dependencies, and anxieties which come when we have no control over our emotions.  

It’s the only way I’ve seen people getting transformed as all changes begin with your first being self-aware and then training your mind to listen to you and operate the way you want.

So if you’d like to become the master of your emotions and mind and create your desired relationships, or a perfect environment at the workplace or solid and pleasing friendships or any kind of emotional support which helps you moving forward in life, then go ahead and sign up for my “emotional strength mastery course’.

All I need from you is to click on the link below and sign up for my Emotional Strength Mastery Program. You'll be asked to choose your desired payment option and fill out the form.

If you feel like this is right for you, click here, and sign up for my Emotional Strength Mastery Program and get $1,243 worth of FREE bonuses.

Here's What Happens After That
As soon as you've signed up for my Emotional Strength Mastery Program, you'll be added to the Private Facebook group.

You'll also receive your login information to access the trainings.

And of course, you'll get the $1,243 worth of FREE bonuses and other resources that help you get started with your program ...PLUS I might even have some unannounced secret bonuses for you that will completely blow your mind. 

All I know is, you won't regret having signed up for this ...especially when you will begin to notice the relaxation and peace in your mind and heart instantly.

But here's the best part:

You’ll be plugged into a community of like-minded people who all have the same vision and goal as you, which is to build an unwavering mind and a fearless heart.

We stay in constant communication in our private Facebook group where you'll see new updates, where we all share our best mental control practices and help you build your unwavering mind and core emotional strength.

Here's how the class breaks down: In every module you get a new training where I show you step by step what you have to do and why, with real-life examples, while you watch over my shoulders.

But don't worry, It's going to be easy to understand and everything is delivered in small bite-sized chunks.

Now, you and I both know that I'll get a ton of interest from this letter, and that's why you need to read this next part carefully:

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